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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Trio

Last Sunday, since Mommy and Daddy were in California speaking at a conference, we had Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien over for dinner. After dinner Mrs. O’Brien and the girls got talking so Mr. O’Brien, Phillip and I decided to strike up the Rubber Band,which consisted of two cellos and a viola. (I went between the viola and the violin but since I had Mrs. O’Brien’s viola I played that most. It sounds really cool with the cellos.) After playing for an hour and a half, the cellists got tired so we went upstairs and joined the girls and got all the world's problems solved. P.S. I am really sorry for the way my blog looks! My Blogger account is corrupted and somehow it deleted all the pics on my blog. So I am working on the real thing; creating my own blog.
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