"A picture is worth a thousand words" so I will be silent and let my pictures speak for themselves.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo Off My iPhone


Del Seargeant said...

W.O.W. GREAT photo! The color contrast (aka, your boots with the floor, jeans with the wall, etc...) is very well done. Is it a self portrait? Where was it taken? Skylar has a Cannon 50D, and I LOVE IT! Its SO cool to work with...when he has mercy on you and lets you 'HOLD' it:) No really, he lets me use it some, and I love it:)

I have not checked here recently due to internet usage problems, but I'm glad to see that you've been posting! Keep 'em comin'!

~Miss Raquel said...

This is so amazing!!! Love it!