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Thursday, June 21, 2007


This last week I have been involved in helping run the Quadricentennial Anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement. There were about 4,500 people there. During the week, I actually have been on a team of 8 men that are running the J400 which is a treasure hunt that Vision Forum has been sponsoring for the last 8 months. It has all been on the internet until now. Out of the 10,000 or more people that were originally playing in the treasure hunt, it has been narrowed down to the last 100 finalists. And it is now our job to eliminate all but one. They are playing for a prize of 400 solid gold coins which has a value of $40,000, so there is a lot of security. Our job consists of watching and making sure that everyone follows the rules, as well as many many other things like getting the clues ready for the next day, etc. Everything is very realistic, so we have people who are acting the different characters in the story. Phillip and I are body guards and field monitors. (The unfortunate thing is I was so busy working that I had no time to take any pictures, so here are some pics that my sister took.)
The three finalists waiting to see who will win.
This is the 3500 person tent that everything was held under.
About 200 boys swing into their lines to reenact the battle of Fort Pocahontas.
There were hot air balloon rides there, too.
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